At Mifsud Bonnici Advocates, we work with clients going through a difficult marital situation in order to resolve matters involving division of assets, custody of children and access rights. Our firm seeks to minimise conflict and motivates clients to reach a divorce or separation on a consensual basis using negotiation and dispute resolution skills whenever…


Labour & Employment Law

The firm is deeply committed to its employment law practice. This covers nearly all areas of the employer-employee relationship, including discrimination, human resource policy and practice and wrongful discharge https://espanolci..enerico/. The firm has considerable experience and expertise representing and counselling employees of all types including employees of private companies, and employees of the government or…


Buying, Selling & Renting Property in Malta

We can assist and advise you when you are buying, selling or renting immovable property (real estate) in Malta and Gozo. Typically you will be: A foreign national intending to acquire or dispose of vacation property or wishing to occupy such property on lease; A foreign national intending to settle permanently (or long-term) in Malta;…


Environment and Planning

With the setting up of the Planning Authority (now known as the Malta Environment and Planning Authority) through Act 365 of 1992, a new set of laws and regulations were created in order to regulate development within the Maltese Islands. These laws tend to evolve and update themselves continuously so much so that after eighteen…


Civil & Commercial Litigation

In representing our individual and business clients in disputes with other parties, we first attempt to resolve conflicts through negotiation and mediation. Where these approaches do not succeed, we consult with our clients to determine whether, in light of economic and emotional resources, litigation is a reasonable option. If it is, or our clients have…


Family Law

  Our clients appreciate our resourcefulness and expertise in addressing their particular sensitive needs and handling each case with professionalism. We are highly aware of the emotional and psychological impact separation, divorce and custody matters can have on a family. We strive to conduct all conflict resolution in a caring and professional manner. We are…

IT-Law (1)

Information Technology Law

Dr Aron Mifsud Bonnici has been involved in computer misuse policy-making and consultancy for several years. He has actively participated in jumpstarting the Maltese government’s efforts in creating a framework for Information Technology law, including computer misuse provisions and data protection legislation which are now part and parcel of Maltese law. IT Legal services include:…


Immigration, Citizenship & Expatriate Affairs

Visa applications, Residence in the Maltese Islands, Maltese Citizenship, Freedom of Movement and Work-permits Malta is a full member of the European Union but still retains specific immigration laws which differ from those of other EU jurisdictions. Citizens of foreign countries, particularly non-EU nationals require a visa in order to enter the Maltese Islands. Furthermore,…


European Union Law

European Union Law The applicable laws and regulations: As from the 1st of May, 2004 all laws and regulations enacted by what was previously known as the European Community and, what is today the European Union, have become part and parcel of Maltese law by means of an Act enacted by the Maltese Parliament in…

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Business Law

We provide advice regarding: choice of business entity and entity formation, finance, intellectual property protection, tax planning and counselling, regulations, commercial law, contract negotiation and drafting, purchases and alienation of real and personal property, equipment leasing, international law, fair competition, unfair business practices, real estate development and finance, estate planning, environmental law, and insurance coverage.…