Visa applications, Residence in the Maltese Islands, Maltese Citizenship, Freedom of Movement and Work-permits
Malta is a full member of the European Union but still retains specific immigration laws which differ from those of other EU jurisdictions. Citizens of foreign countries, particularly non-EU nationals require a visa in order to enter the Maltese Islands.
Furthermore, once in the Maltese Islands, both EU citizens and third-country nationals are required to  apply for a residence permit covering the entire period of their stay in Malta if this extends beyond the original period granted by their visa. The issue of visas and the extension of a residence permit involve submitting of an appropriate application to the competent authorities.  After the lapse of the applicable period at law or otherwise if certain criterias are satisfied, foreigners may qualify for the issue of a permanent residence permit. Services offered by our firm in this area include:
a) Application for the issue of a Normal Entry Visa;
b) Application for the issue of a Multiple Entry Visa;
c) Application for obtaining a temporary residence permit or a permanent residence permit;

We also provide research, help and advice concerning any other matter relating to this area such as the establishment of one’s residence in Malta, getting married to a Maltese citizen, obtaining Maltese citizenship or dual-citizenship, application for a Maltese passport, application for a Maltese Identity Card and obtaining freedom of movement in Malta (which would entail freedom of movement in all the Member States of the European Union).

Work permits in Malta
Any third country national wishing to work in Malta, in addition to having a valid residence permit, needs to obtain a valid work permit in order to be able to work legally in Malta. This is also true for students planning to work for short periods in the Maltese Islands. Services offered by this office in this area include:
a) Research, help and advice relative to the criteria and documents required for applying for the issue of a work permit;
b) Actual submission and following up of the work permit application erektile-apotheke.de.

Note: Due to the unfortunate high incidence of fraudulent applications originating from the Federal Republic of Nigeria, we are no longer able to respond to online queries from Nigerian nationals, unless such queries are accompanied by verifiable references and certified copies of identity documents. Any inconvenience is regretted.

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