Dr Aron Mifsud Bonnici has been involved in computer misuse policy-making and consultancy for several years. He has actively participated in jumpstarting the Maltese government’s efforts in creating a framework for Information Technology law, including computer misuse provisions and data protection legislation which are now part and parcel of Maltese law and is currently the Board Secretary and legal advisor to the Malta Information Technology Agency (MITA).

IT Legal services include:

  • advice on the applicability / implementation of various computer law provisions in Maltese law;
  • drafting and advice on software contracts;
  • data protection compliance and consultancy;
  • advice on the legal implications of hacking, encryption, and piracy;
  • legal assistance in the suppression of harmful and illegal content on the internet (including material violating intellectual property rights and trade secrets, child pornography, defamatory material, racist material, etc.);
  • consultancy and assistance in the event of computer-related fraud and forgery.

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