Our forensic photography specialist provides forensic and technical photography to courts, lawyers, law enforcement agencies and insurance companies. Photography for civil and criminal court cases must be reliable, fair and accurate.

On-scene forensic photography services:

  • Providing complete professional on-scene image services for injuries, hazardous conditions, product failure, property damage, and other matters to assist in civil litigation and damage claims;
  • Providing complete professional on-scene image services for crime scenes, accident scenes, autopsies, and follow-up investigations;
  • Professional imaging equipment that is superior to that used by law enforcement agencies;
  • Digital Photography for the First Responder;
  • Digital Photography for the Evidence Technician and Accident Investigator;
  • Complete file management and digital image integrity services for law enforcement agencies’
  • Providing a complete workflow solution and RAW image processing;
  • Providing complete professionally printed forensic image services for enforcement or legal purposes.

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Forensic Photography